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Independent Study


What is Independent Study?
Independent Study lets you take a Moraine Valley course with faculty guidance.

Why should I take an Independent Study class?
Under emergency measures, a student may inquire about taking a course that is needed (see policies and procedures).

How does it work?
Policies and procedures

Do Independent Study credits transfer?
You will study the same course materials from the same syllabus as regularly scheduled classes, with some customization.

How soon can I start on my Independent Study course?
Registration is always open. You have a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of 17 weeks from your registration date to complete your course.

How do I register?
Come to Academic Outreach in L244 and follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a registration form from the Academic Outreach office, L244.
  2. Identify an instructor who will discuss independent study with you.
  3. If the instructor agrees to work with you, return registration form with student's, instructor's, and dean's signatures to the Academic Outreach office.
  4. Academic Outreach will call you when the class appears on the schedule.
  5. Pick up the form from the student pick-up basket in the Academic Outreach office, L244, and take it to the Registration Office in Building S.