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Proficiency Credit

Proficiency Credit General Information Sheet


What is Proficiency Credit?
Proficiency credits are awarded to Moraine Valley students who have taken vocational or noncredit training and can document that training through certificates or test results. It is intended to help students achieve their degree goals without repeating material they have already learned. Proficiency credit is available in areas such as automotive technology, criminal justice, fire service, networking, office systems and applications, and restaurant/hotel management.

Who is it for?
All Moraine Valley students. Interested students should meet with an academic advisor to make sure they understand the requirements for their degree before investigating whether proficiency credit will be helpful.

How long does the process take?
Generally, no longer than a few weeks.

Do Proficiency Credits transfer?
Students should check with the transfer school to verify acceptance of proficiency credits.

How do I begin the process?
Bring copies of certificate or test results to the Academic Outreach office, Building L, Room L244 and pick up registration/grade forms. are available there.

What is the difference between Proficiency Credit and APL (Achieved Prior Learning)?
Take a look at here.