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Curriculum Office

The Office of Curriculum oversees the development and approval of new and revised programs and courses. Two curriculum committees (the Curriculum Development Group and the Curriculum Review Team) review the development of program and course materials as submitted by the faculty and the Office of Curriculum. Materials approved by both committees are then submitted to the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) for approval. The office also maintains historical files on all college programs and courses.

Core Functions

  • Provide leadership to the faculty to assist with the development of all curriculum proposals.
  • Solicit membership to the curriculum committees from various college faculty and administrators to obtain their review and input to curriculum proposals.
  • Facilitate a seamless approval process by conducting monthly meetings of each committee and submitting approved proposals to the Board and ICCB.
  • Utilize the various technology programs to track all approved curriculum materials.
  • Maintain accurate curriculum files for all courses and programs.
  • Update the college catalog and electronic curriculum systems of all curriculum additions and revisions to facilitate accurate reporting to ICCB.

Curriculum Development Process Handbook