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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tutoring Center located?
Tutoring is held in Building L, Room L200 with the exception of Information Management Systems, which is located in Building T, open lab and COM tutoring, which is located in Building A, Room A181 Mon.-Fri. COM tutoring is in Building L, Room L200 on Sat.

Do I need an appointment?
You do not need an appointment. Tutoring is provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I be assigned a tutor?
No, tutors are not assigned. However, you may refer to the tutoring schedule to determine when a certain tutor will be available. One-on-one tutoring is available during low-traffic times. Group tutoring is frequently necessary.

Are computers available?
Yes, some computers are available in L200; however, these are for academic purposes only. Printing is allowed only if it is directly related to the tutoring process.

Can I receive help with my paper in a class other than COM-101 or COM-102?
Yes, you may bring in papers for any course.

Are handouts available?
Yes, in many subjects including study skills and preparing for a final exam. Please contact a lead tutor for more information.

What if I have a comment or suggestion?
You may speak to a lead tutor by phone (708) 974-5746, contact one by email, or you may visit the center in L200 (across from the library on the second floor).