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Projects: Student Union

The Student Union, a 52,000-square foot facility, which opened in March 2009, includes:

  • Bob and Marge Bobb Social/Cultural Lounge-for students to network and socialize
  • Café Moraine-new and improved with twice as much space
  • Game Room-TV, game tables and comfortable seating
  • Quiet Lounge-students can relax, study, and have wireless access
  • Student Art Gallery
  • Classrooms, workrooms and offices for clubs
  • Outdoor spaces for dining and relaxing

The project budget for the building, including equipment, furnishings, and site improvements, is approximately $16.5 million.

The project budget summary is provided by Legat Architects, Inc.

The architect for the project is Legat Architects, Inc. Legat has an eight-year relationship with the college and led the development of the college's master plan.

Student Union photo gallery