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  1. What if students come to me toward the end of the semester and tell me they have not done well due to a disability?
    If students have not identified themselves to the Center for Disability Services and presented documentation that they are persons with disabilities, they are not eligible for services. Eligible students may have chosen not to use services. Either way, an instructor does not have to make any retroactive accommodations for students. The instructor should direct students to the CDS, (Room S114).

  2. If students need note-takers, what do I do?
    First of all, do not say to the class, "Mary has a disability and needs a note-taker; any volunteers?"After one class, through observation, you will probably be able to tell who is taking good notes. Ask the student or students privately if they would take notes for someone in the class who needs additional assistance. If possible, arrange for a private meeting of the student and the note-taker. The CDS supplies students who need note-takers with special note-taking books that make a carbon copy. Instructors may want to consider giving students copies of their own notes and overheads.

  3. What do I do if I don�t agree with an accommodation or auxiliary aid?
    It is understandable that at times an instructor may question the validity of an accommodation or auxiliary aid. Please address your concerns to the director of the Center for Disability Services. Due to issues of confidentiality, the director may not be able to disclose all information about the student. The director may arrange for a meeting of the student, instructor and director to find an accommodation that gives the student access to course material and makes the instructor comfortable.

  4. Students tell me they need to take their tests in a location other than the classroom. Who is responsible to get tests to this alternative location?
    Due to issues of test integrity, most instructors take tests to the alternative location. However, it is the students' responsibility to address this issue with their instructors well in advance of the first test. It is also the students' responsibility to remind teachers before the test that they require certain accommodations. Students are required to make test-taking arrangements with the CDS at least three days before the test date. The CDS staff will return the test to your office.

  5. Who assures test integrity?
    The CDS follows the instructions of the instructor in all test-taking situations. If members of the CDS staff become aware that students are cheating, the instructors will be informed immediately.

  6. What do I do if students become disruptive in class?
    Students who are disruptive are not necessarily students with a disability. However, the existence of a disability does not provide the right for the student to be disruptive. Treat a disruptive disabled student as you would treat any disruptive student. Ask the student to leave the room. If the student does not comply, the instructor should call the Moraine Valley Police Department (5555).

  7. What should I do if students have a medical emergency (such as a seizure) in the classroom?
    The instructor should notify the Moraine Valley Police Department (5555).

  8. How do I deal with deaf or hard of hearing students who come with an interpreter?
    Offer students preferential seating; students will need a space for the interpreter to sit facing them. When speaking to students, direct all comments to them, not the interpreter. Wait a second or two after using a visual aid before speaking about it. This gives deaf students time to look at the visual and then back to the interpreter. Glance at the interpreter occasionally for signs of fatigue; you may need to slow down. When classmates ask questions, indicate who is speaking so deaf students can follow the conversation.

  9. A student with a disability is failing my class. What should I do?
    Students with disabilities have the same right to fail classes as any other student. Do what you would normally do with students without disabilities. The Center for Disability Services staff is happy to send a representative to student conferences whenever needed. Do not hesitate to call on us for this type of support.

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