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Learning Development Support System

The Learning Development Support Services is designed to help students with learning disabilities and attentional disorders succeed at the college level. Success is emphasized by creating a teaching and learning environment that uses student's learning strengths and compensates for individual learning weaknesses. Applications for the LDSS, including documentation, should be received by the Center for Disability Services prior to May 1 for the fall semester, prior to Oct. 1 for the spring semester and prior to March 1 for the summer session. Applications received after the deadline may not be processed for the upcoming semester.

Services are offered by the LDSS to eligible students. These services may include but shall not be limited to the following:

  • College Orientation: Small-group orientation sessions are held to ensure students understand college programs, services, and degree requirements. Placement tests (COMPASS) in reading, math, and communications must be completed before this orientation. Students needing assistance with (COMPASS) tests need to make an appointment through the CDS office.

  • Individual Diagnostic Evaluation and Review: Documentation is reviewed and, if necessary, tests of cognitive ability and tests of achievement are administered through the Center for Disability Services. Collected information is reviewed by the professional staff and the needs of students are determined.

    A diagnostic evaluation fee is charged for currently-enrolled Moraine Valley students or students who will be enrolling in Moraine Valley. The fee includes the testing sessions, preparation of the report, and a conference during which test results are presented. After the fee is received in the Center for Disability Services, students are contacted by the educational diagnostician and testing dates are set. If students fail to appear for two or more set testing dates, they will be moved to the end of the testing list.

  • Instructor Assistance: The instructional coordinator of the Learning Development Support System notifies instructors of student's services and auxiliary aids, and provides help in adapting instruction to student's individual needs.

  • Learning Support: The instructional coordinator of the Learning Development Support Services monitors student progress in courses and other support services to determine if needs are being met.

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