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Center for Disability Services

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Center for Disability Services Student Handbook

Academic Adjustments
Academic requirements will be modified, as necessary, to ensure that they do not discriminate against qualified applicants or currently enrolled students with disabilities. At students' request, the CDS staff may recommend academic adjustments in compliance with state and federal mandates. Academic requirements that are essential to programs of instruction are not considered discriminatory.

These modifications shall not affect the substance of the educational program or compromise educational standards.

Modifications may include substitution of specific courses required for the completion of degrees, or the adaptation of the manner in which specific courses are conducted.

These steps will be followed in requesting a course substitution:

  1. Contact the CDS office as to the needed substitution.
  2. The CDS will contact the academic department affected to determine whether or not the class is essential to the program and whether a substitution or modification can be made.

Loan of Adaptive Equipment
The CDS office has adaptive equipment and devices available for qualified students to use. Equipment is loaned out on a daily, weekly, or semester basis depending on need and demand for equipment by other students. Students must initially request to borrow equipment through the CDS. Students must sign an equipment release agreement, and will be instructed in the use and care of the equipment. Students are held responsible for equipment they borrow and must return equipment by the end of the day, week, or semester. Failure to return equipment may restrict one from registering for the next semester.

Grievance Procedures
Students have the right to express concern if they believe they have been discriminated against because of their disability.

The college has a student complaint and hearing process in place for discrimination grievances (See the Moraine Valley Community College catalog).

Carl Perkins Services
Students enrolled in a career program at Moraine Valley may be eligible for additional educational support services provided by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act. Students in other career or technical programs also may be eligible for services.

Under the act, opportunities are provided for students to overcome barriers (i.e., academic disadvantages, economic disadvantages, being a non-traditional student, limited English, disabilities) and successfully integrate their strengths within society. Support services that students may be entitled to are: tutoring, interpreters, adapted equipment, notetakers, and educational and career counseling.

Assistance with special needs includes help to enter a vocational education program; assessment of special needs; supplementary services including curriculum and equipment modification, supportive personal and instructional devices; academic and career development; and services designed to facilitate transition from school to postsecondary employment and career opportunities.

Notification of Return
Students with disabilities who have not registered for classes for one or more semesters need to notify the CDS of their return to Moraine Valley, in order to re-activate their services.

Student records are kept on file in the CDS office for a maximum of five years. After five years student records are destroyed. Students who have not been registered for five years will need to go through the admission process again including providing the CDS with current documentation.

The Center for Disability Services works in conjunction with the Moraine Valley Community College Foundation to award the Center for Disability Services Scholarship of $1,000 in the spring of each year. Applicants must be enrolled at Moraine Valley, be utilizing the services of the CDS, have a 2.5 or above grade point average, and have completed six credit hours prior to the semester in which the award will be received. The applicant must also be carrying a minimum of six credit hours during the semester in which the award is disbursed.

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