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Center for Disability Services Student Handbook

Support Services, Procedures, Responsibilities
Support services may include, but shall not be limited to:

Evaluation and Review: Documentation is reviewed and, if necessary, the Woodcock Johnson III is administered through the Center for Disability Services. Collected information is reviewed by the professional staff and the needs of students are determined. The evaluation helps a person understand their learning strengths and provides strategies on how to compensate for their learning weakness. The preparation of the evaluation can take up to one month.

A diagnostic evaluation fee is charged for currently enrolled Moraine Valley students or students who will be enrolling in Moraine Valley. The fee includes the testing cost and preparation of the report. After the fee is received in the Center for Disability Services, students are contacted by the educational diagnostician and testing dates are set. If students fail to appear for two or more set testing dates, they will be moved to the end of the testing list.

College Orientation - Small-group orientation sessions are held by CDS to help students understand college programs, services and degree requirements. COMPASS placement tests in reading, math and communications must be completed before this orientation.

Instructor Notification - Faculty memo of recommended services/accommodations are distributed to students at the beginning of each semester. It is the student's responsibility to hand deliver their memo to each instructor.

Educational Planning - Students receive a letter from the Center for Disability Services approximately six weeks before registration for the following semester. Students may elect to arrange an advising appointment to determine their course selection for the next semester.

Priority Registration - Students may register during priority registration week after their first semester in attendance and registered with CDS. There is no priority registration for summer classes.

Tape Recorder - Students have the right to tape record their classes if the service is recommended based upon documentation. Teachers may require students to sign a waiver before tape recording their class. Teachers may also request that students turn off their tape recorders if personal information is being shared in class.

Extended Time for Testing - Instructors are informed that the students may need extended time for testing. Extended time will be set at time and a half, or double time dependent upon the documentation. Extended time does not mean unlimited time. Arrangements for taking the test should be made with the instructor. If a test will be taken in CDS, it is the student's responsibility to make an appointment with the office five days in advance.

Midterm Evaluation - The CDS will send memos to instructors around the midpoint of the semesters. The memo will ask for current grades, class participation and attendance, test/quiz grades, and use of accommodations. Letters are sent to students who are earning less than a "C" in their class.

Note-Taking Procedures

  • Once students have met with a counselor and it has been determined that students are eligible to use a note-taker in class, special note-taking books will be provided by the Center for Disability Services. (These books have to be returned at the end of the semester.) Students may ask another student for a copy of their notes. Occasionally instructors may provide students with a copy of their notes.
  • The student will hand deliver their memo to their instructor.
  • The faculty memo of recommended services/accommodations provides explanation of the use of a notetaker.
  • Once someone is located who will take notes, students are responsible to read the notes and make sure they understand them. If students are not satisfied with the quality of the notes, they should talk to their instructor about assigning someone else.
  • Do not wait until an exam week to review notes. Read them over immediately after each class.
  • It is a good idea to rewrite notes after class and add any additional information remembered from the lecture.
  • If instructors are unable to assist students in finding an adequate class note-taker, please contact the CDS. The CDS will work with instructors and students to find a note-taker.
  • Instructors may also want to consider giving students copies of their own powerpoint presentation, notes and overheads.

Test Proctoring and Scribing
The student will hand deliver their memo to their instructor that indicates that they are eligible for test proctoring and/or scribing. The faculty memo of recommended services/accommodations provides an explanation of the use of test proctoring and scribing. The CDS encourages students to discuss arrangements with instructors. Students may take the test through the CDS (S114), by complying with the following procedures:

  • Schedule a time to take the test with the departmental assistant (S114). Appointments for taking tests must be scheduled at least five days in advance. When scheduling a test, the student must relate the following information: course title, date and time the test is to be taken.
    (The CDS will make every effort to accommodate the student, but if the requested
    time is not available, the CDS will schedule an alternate time as near the requested time as possible.)
  • Students should tell the departmental assistant the anticipated time needed to complete the test.
    Students are not allowed unlimited time to complete tests. A student using test proctoring services is usually allowed time and a half or double time. Anything over that has to be arranged through the instructor.
  • Students should inform the departmental assistant of any equipment necessary (computer, closed-circuit TV, tape recorder) for the completion of the test. The office needs to know if the use of reader, scribe, or typist is necessary.
  • It is the students' responsibility to remind instructors to send a copy of the test to the CDS (S114). The test must be in the office at least one day before it is to be taken.
  • If a change in scheduling and/or testing arrangements is necessary, please notify the Center for Disability Services (S114) as soon as possible. It is up to students to reschedule the test for another time. Rescheduling of tests must have written or verbal permission from instructors.

Students are responsible for understanding and complying with the above procedures. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above procedures, please contact the Center for Disability Services Office before meeting with your instructor.

Tutoring - The Academic Skills Center (B260) provides tutoring in select subjects for students who are experiencing problems in their courses. There is also a Writing Center located in the library to assist students in writing papers and reports. No appointment is necessary. Stop by for a schedule. The phone number to the Academic Skills Center is (708) 974-5340. If the Academic Skills Center does not offer tutoring for the specific subject, CDS recommends that the student work with the instructor.

Textbooks-On-Tape - Many students with visual impairments or learning disabilities rely on textbooks recorded on tape. Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic, (800) 221-4792 and Educational Tape Recording, (773) 445-3533 are two sources from which students can request taped books. Recording a textbook can take two months or longer. We strongly recommend deciding what courses you will take and starting to track down book lists approximately three months before the beginning of the term. There is an annual fee for this service.

Sign Language Interpreters - Students needing an interpreter for classes are encouraged to make their request to the Center for Disability Services at least eight to ten weeks prior to the start of a new semester. If the CDS receives less than six weeks notice, it will make every attempt to schedule interpreters, but the CDS cannot guarantee this accommodation.

The CDS' interpreters do freelance interpreting, which means they accept assignments with other schools and agencies aside from Moraine Valley, so once they accept an assignment here, they may not be available for additional hours because of other commitments. Therefore, if students need an interpreter for a field trip, tutoring session, counseling appointment, etc., the CDS needs to make arrangements well ahead of time. Since it is difficult to schedule interpreters for additional hours, the CDS does ask that students be flexible with their schedule in order to allow us the opportunity to make appropriate accommodations.

The CDS does ask students' cooperation as far as class attendance is concerned. The interpreters are paid whether or not students are in class unless they receive a 48-hour advance notice. Students are asked to exchange telephone numbers and e-mail addresses with their interpreters so they can contact the interpreter if they will not be in class. If students miss two classes without giving the interpreter 48-hour notice, the interpreter services may be canceled. It would then be necessary for students to meet with the director of the CDS to reinstate this service.

It is important for students to be on time for classes. The interpreter will remain in the class for 15 minutes after class begins, but if students do not show or contact the interpreter he/she may leave. Please call the CDS if you are going to be late for class so we can notify the interpreter. Repeated tardiness could jeopardize your interpreting services.

The interpreters the CDS uses are usually very dependable, but there is no way the CDS can guarantee that some emergency won't cause an interpreter to miss a scheduled assignment. If an interpreter calls to cancel an assignment, the CDS will make every attempt to provide a substitute if the office has enough advance notice. In the event that a substitute cannot be provided, it is suggested that students using an interpreter carry a tape recorder with them to their classes. In a situation where an interpreter does not show up for class, students can tape record the lecture, and the CDS will make arrangements for the interpreter to interpret the tape recording as soon as possible. If students cannot locate someone to take notes for them, they should discuss this with their instructor or contact someone from the Center for Disability Services.

Students currently enrolled need to bring their schedules for the next semester to the CDS office as soon as they register.

Failure to do so in a timely manner could cause a delay in interpreter services.

Any concerns or problems students have with interpreters should be brought to the attention of someone in the CDS office. Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the situation fairly.

TTY - The CDS has a text telephone located in Room S114. It may be used by students to communicate with the CDS, to make some local calls, and to make arrangements for support services such as calling a state rehabilitation agency. The TTY is available during regular working hours. The number is (708) 974-9556. There is also a public TTY on the first floor of the College Center.

Assistive-Listening Devices - On a daily basis, the Library will lend FM amplification systems for students to use in the classroom and for other school-related functions. Contact the Center for Disability Services at (708) 974-5711. The CDS staff will make arrangements with the Library.

If you plan to use an FM system on a long-term basis, it is suggested you purchase your own FM system or ask your rehabilitation counselor to purchase one for you.

Large-Print Books - The CDS will enlarge textbooks as needed. As always, plan ahead! It usually takes two to three weeks for books to be produced in this format.

Counseling Support - CDS provides educational and vocational counseling. Personal counseling is offered through the Advising Counseling Department.

Accessible Parking - Handicapped parking spaces are provided in each campus parking lot. The CDS strongly encourages eligible students to provide campus security with a state-issued handicapped parking permit. The student will then be given a Moraine Valley sticker for the handicapped parking spaces.

Student Complaints - Students who feel accommodations are not meeting their needs should see a staff member in the CDS office, or contact Toula Karnavas (708) 974-5328. Every attempt will be made to provide students with the service or aid that will facilitate their success. Waiting to report a complaint could seriously impact grades.

The CDS does not provide personal attendant care or services of a personal nature.

The CDS does not provide equipment or devices of a personal nature.

Although the CDS staff will be happy to help you tour the campus initially, Moraine Valley does not offer mobility training to the visually impaired.

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