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Frequently Asked Questions

“It’s good to have a class like this because first-time students have no or little clue how to go about the college year. This class explores ways to find help in your first year of school.”
Sean Winters

Why College 101?
The Office of Institutional Research has conducted follow-up research on each group of new full-time students since fall 2000. College 101 not only helps students learn skills needed for success in college, but helps them apply these skills in their lives beyond the college environment. The research consistently shows that student who completed College 101:

  • During their first semester perform better than their peers who do not enroll in the course or who enroll but do not successfully complete the course.
  • Earned higher first semester grade point averages than those who did not successfully complete the course.
  • Earned higher cumulative grade point averages at the end of their first year than those who did not successfully complete the course.
  • Completed a higher percentage of their first semester credit hours.
  • Were more likely to continue their enrollment to the second semester and second year.

Is a textbook required?
Yes! The required textbook for COL-101 is:
CORNERSTONE: Creating Success Through Positive Change
A Custom Edition for Moraine Valley Community College-College 101: Changes, Challenges, Choices.

The textbook is available at the Moraine Valley Bookstore, Building D. There also are copies available on reserve at the Moraine Valley Library, Building L, second floor. The textbooks are available for check-out from the library circulation desk for 2 hours at a time. Please ask a staff member for the COL-101 textbook. These books are not renewable and must be returned on time as there are textbook overdue fines charged per hour. To borrow a book on reserve from the library, you must have an updated student ID.

Can I withdraw from College 101?

Students are not permitted to withdraw from College 101 without first speaking with the assistant dean of Advising and Counseling.