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College and Career Readiness

Moraine Valley Community College was awarded a three year grant known as the College and Career Readiness Grant. The overall goals of this grant is to reduce the need for incoming freshman to take classes in developmental Math, English and Reading that are not college level. Over 50% of incoming freshman across the country come to college needing these remedial classes. These unprepared students end up in developmental course work which lengthens the time it takes to obtain a degree, increases the number of college courses and creates issues in financial aid.

The second goal of the grant is to better align the curriculum between the high schools and the college. By aligning curriculum, the grant seeks to have students better prepared for college level courses. By collaborating with area high schools, the college hopes to build a framework that encourages students to take more rigorous coursework in high school. In turn this may impact the number of students needing developmental classes.

Moraine Valley currently offers programs aimed at juniors and seniors at area high schools to help meet the objectives of the grant and jump start the student into college level courses. For further information, contact Suzanne Ryerson (708) 974-5433 ryerson@morainevalley.edu.