Moraine Valley Community College || Honors Program


The Moraine Valley Honors Program experience is not about doing more work or taking harder classes.

Instead, the focus is on doing work that is more engaging, involves interaction with your talented peers and makes clear connections between the classroom and real world.

Students in our Honors classes during the past academic year have:

  • Restored native plant species in local forest preserves in Honors Environmental Science
  • Surveyed student motivation in Honors Psychology and Honors Probability and Statistics courses and presented the findings at the Honors Council of Illinois Conference
  • Visited Argonne National Laboratory in Honors Chemistry
  • Attended world-class theatrical performances in downtown Chicago in Honors Theater Appreciation

Aside from the benefits of taking exciting classes with outstanding students, the Honors Program also features:

  • low student-to-faculty ratios for Honors classes
  • priority registration to ensure you get the best schedule for your needs
  • Honors recognition on your transcript and at the graduation ceremony
  • scholarship opportunities and competitive advantages when transferring to a university
  • social events and travel opportunities for local, state and national student conferences

The Honors Program traveled to Springfield with Mary Barney’s Philosophy 111 course: Critical Thinking for Student Advocacy Day, April 2, 2014, where they lobbied for a topic important to community college education. Senator Steven Landek (pictured in photo with students) took an avid interest in the students’ projects.