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Tutor Responsibilities

A tutor must agree to keep all information concerning a student confidential.

A tutor is someone who...

  • has a caring attitude
  • is sensitive to the needs of the adult learner
  • is positive but honest during the learning sessions
  • is supportive and helpful
  • develops a relationship with the student built upon mutual respect and trust

A tutor needs to ...

  • work with the student to identify present academic goals
  • become familiar with materials that are available for adult learners
  • continue learning about teaching techniques and materials by attending in-service workshops held throughout the year
  • guide and pace the teaching sessions in order to facilitate learning for the individual student
  • provide reinforcement and constructive feedback
  • help the student gain increased independence and confidence in his/her ability to learn
  • maintain a professional relationship with the student

A new tutor must agree to the following requirements:

  • complete an 18-hour training program
  • attend several of the monthly in-service workshop sessions to be held throughout the year (a minimum of two per year)
  • meet with a student on a regular schedule (at least one day per week, for a minimum of two hours)
  • commit to stay in the program for a minimum of one year
  • complete and submit required forms to the office one week after the end of each quarter
  • notify the office if you or your student need to stop tutoring sessions for more than one month