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Speeches, hot dogs, and raffles
Join the Student Government Association for Constitution Day Wednesday, Sept. 17, noon-1 p.m., outside Building U. Hear speeches from Illinois Senator Michael Hastings, student government members, and others. Enjoy a free hot dog and enter the raffle to win a great parking spot on campus for a month! Questions? Send us an email.

Students Serving Students
The SGA upholds the mission, strategic priorities and core values of Moraine Valley by promoting awareness, leadership, service, and serves as a forum for an open exchange of ideas. The SGA acts as an advisory committee for the student body, and as a voice of the student, is a liaison to the college administration. We are committed to the needs of our peers and we strive to promote diversity, unity, respect, responsibility, and an opportunity for personal development outside the classroom.

Student Government Association Meetings
SGA meets every other Tuesday at 4-5 p.m. in Building U, Room U209. SGA meetings are open to all students. For more information about student government, please contact the SGA Advisor by sending an email to