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24 Karat Dance Team
Advisors: Terra Jacobson, L211A, (708) 974-5467
Dance group that promotes spirit to Moraine Valley campus. Performs at a variety of events and encourages participation on campus.

Alliance of Latin American Students (A.L.A.S.)
Advisor: Rebecca Ramirez, (708) 608-4120, S114
Provides opportunities for students to gain cultural knowledge, improve communication and share unique cultural experiences.

Advisor: Jeremy Kingery, S201, (708) 608-4175
Learning, interpretation and sharing of culture related to Japanese animated cartoons.

Arab Student Union (A.S.U.)
Advisor: Nina Shoman-Dijani, B260, (708) 974-5229
Increases awareness about the Arab culture to college community.

Advisor: Kevin Daly,
Amy Lubke,
Brings art and fine craft to the Moraine Valley campus, operates the student art gallery and fosters appreciation of the arts through art-related activities

Asian Diversity
Advisor: Tamima Farooqui, S202, (708) 974-5313
Wenney Tse, S202 (708) 974-5313
Jason King, L141, (708) 974-5797
Creates a welcoming environment for the students, also to represent and build awareness across community and college about the diverse Asian culture.

Association of African American Students
Advisor: Misty Williams S219 (708) 606-4141
Mattie Payne Mallory, S219  (708) 974-5657

Business, Finance, & Entrepreneur Club
James Snooks, D109 (708) 974-5785

Christian Fellowship
Advisor: Michael Shannon, A220, (708) 608-4047
Daniel Cristman, S201, (708) 608-4284
Establishes and advances witnessing communities of students who follow Jesus as savior and Lord.

Creative Writing
Provides opportunity for students to practice creative writing techniques.

Fashion Valley Couture
Advisor: Dominique McDowell, S202,  (708) 608-5722

Film Makers Club
Advisor: Dan Pal, F228,

Gender and Sexuality Progress (G.A.S.P.)
Advisors: Jeffrey McCully, A157, (708) 608-4377
Matthew Cullen, S202, (708) 608-4101
Educates about gender and sexual minorities, promotes and provides safe space for campus community and challenges Moraine Valley to adopt attitudes and policies of tolerance and acceptance towards all individuals.

Go Green! Club
Advisor: Stephenie Presseller, (708) 974-5412, Room L242
tudents organize around green and sustainability related topics, issues or actions to help Moraine Valley and its community be a great, green place to be. Students educate others on the interdependent relationship between healthy people and a healthy planet. They work on projects that encourage both people and the planet to be healthy, too. Students will also have opportunities to attend professional development activities, learn about environmental and sustainability careers, have fun gardening, and so much more.

SHARP-Honors Club
Advisors: Alicea Toso, U208, (708) 608-4191
Jeremy Shermak, A250, (708) 608-4212

Independent Demo Makers
Advisors: Merri Fefles, D115, (708) 974-5393 

International Women’s Club (I.W.C.)
Advisor: Annette D'Silva, A228, (708) 608-4023
Anna Siwiec-Srtkowska,
Promotes a multicultural understanding of women.

K-Fu Martial Arts
Advisor: Courtney Reese, L287, (708) 608-4067
Offers an opportunity for students to learn this ancient style of self-defense while improving muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

Korean Student Association (K.S.A.)
Educates college community about Korean culture, organizing interdisciplinary events and seminars and socialization activities.

Legacy X Dance Team
Advisor:  Demetrius Robinson, U202, (708) 974-5353

Advisor: Tammi Carlson, F118, (708) 974-5636
Kiyona Oshika,
Promotes the knowledge of different musical styles and spreads the love of music among our diverse community.

Muslim Student Association
Advisor: Michael Morches, B260, (708) 974-5310
Serves both the Muslim and Moraine Valley Community in learning and sharing the culture.

Pi Kappa Delta
Advisors: John Nash, A266 (708) 974-5556
Krista Appelquist, (708) 974-5222

Psychology Club
Advisor: Mitchell Baker, A114, x4058
Provides the opportunity to explore various fields within Psychology as well as to give students leadership[ opportunities to become successful.

Recreation Management/Recreation Therapy (R.U.N.)
Advisor: Donna McCauley, A220, (708) 974-0185
To represent all groups of all abilities through rewarding activities. To combine all people in the interest, attitude and actions of recreation through healing ,assisting and management.

Relay for Life Planning Committee
Advisor: Wally Fronczek, B232, (708) 974-5372
Unites students to celebrate those who have fought cancer & remember those we have lost and fight back to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Social Action & Political Empowerment
Advisors: Annette D'Silva, A228 (708) 608-4023
Anna Siwiec-Srtkowska,
Fosters the feeling of empowerment through discussion and involvement in social issues.

Student Nursing Organization (S.N.O.)
Advisor: Georgina Murphy, L183, (708) 608-4122
Pre-professional organization for nursing students that are committed to leadership, facilitating interaction between students, integrity and health promotion in the community.

The Society of Arab Scholars
Advisor: Kipp Cozad, B260, (708) 974-5331

Ultimate Frisbee Club
Advisor: Jessica Crotty, D106, (708) 974-5281
Provides an opportunity to have a great time while meeting/networking with other people who play and love the game.