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Transferring To...

Eastern Illinois University 2012-2013
1230 Old Main
Charleston, IL 61920
Telephone: (217) 581-2120 or (877) 581-BEIU (2348)

Know the Eastern Illinois University Facts
Annual tuition: $10,930
Annual room & board
Total Enrollment:
Distance from Moraine in miles:
190 south
Minimum GPA for admission: 2.0/4.0 if 30 hrs.- 2.5/4.0 if 24 hrs. (GPA may be higher for specific majors) based on all college work attempted and a 2.0 cum at the last institution attended. Accepts the IAI General Ed. Core?
Yes, see the section on IAI Acceptance below. 
Online applications? Yes
Application fee: Yes, $30
Maximum hours accepted for transfer: No limit Honors Program Available: Yes, see www.eiu.edu/~honprog or Honors College: 888-440-4664
Foreign Language Requirement: Yes, see Notable EIU Graduation Requirements section below. Junior status with an A.A. or A.S.? Yes, and the Cultural Diversity requirement will be met. International Student Information:
(217) 581-2321, email: interntl@eiu.edu
Transfer website:
Number of hours to be considered a transfer student: 24/30 Contact: Anne Marino at (708) 341-4240
Office of Admissions:
(877) 581-2348
Eastern Illinois University Programs
Baccalaureate Degrees Offered
B.A.-Bachelor of Arts
B.F.A.-Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.M.-Bachelor of Music
B.S.-Bachelor of Science
B.S.Ed.-Bachelor of Science in Education
B.S.B.-Bachelor of Science in Business
For a complete listing of majors offered at EIU see online Catalog at: http://catalog.eiu.edu or www.eiu.edu/majors
Find Important Eastern Illinois University Information
Admissions information: www.eiu.edu/admissions.php
Transfer Relations: www.eiu.edu/~transfer
Financial Aid information: www.eiu.edu/~finaid
FAFSA on the web: www.fafsa.ed.gov
Online applications: www.eiu.edu/apply.php Scholarship Information: www.eiu.edu/~finaid/scholarships.php
Online Catalog:
Open House/Campus Visit information: www.eiu.edu/~admissions/visit.php
Transfer course equivalents: www.eiu.edu/~transfer/coop_coursesub.php Housing Information: http://www.eiu.edu/~housing/index.php
Learn about the Eastern Illinois University Colleges
Eastern Illinois University Admission Information
  • Applicants with 30 or more semester hs must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0/4.0 grading
    scale based on ALL college-level work attempted AND a 2.0/4.0 scale from the last institution
    attended. Students who have taken the ACT or SAT test prior to beginning college must submit
    their test scores to the University prior to the close of their first term of attendance to complete
    the admission process. As a condition of continued enrollment, transfer students admitted with
    30 or more hours of earned credit who have taken the ACT or SAT test prior to beginning college
    must submit their test scores to the University prior to the close of their first term of attendance.

  • Applicants with fewer than 30 semester hours of earned credit must have a 2.5/4.0 scale
    based on all college-level work attempted, a 2.0/4.0 scale from the last institution attended,
    and meet the freshmen admission requirements; see: http://www.eiu.edu/admissions.php
    or the 2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog, page 44.

How to Apply for Admission

In order to be considered for admission, a transfer student must submit to the Office of Admissions:

  1. Eastern's Official Application for Admission,

  2. $30 application fee,

  3. official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities previously attended,

  4. course work in progress if currently enrolled in classes,

  5. an official high school transcript,

  6. official ACT or SAT scores (see Admission Information above),

  7. and a final official transcript at the completion of the last semester.

Standard Transfer Options to meet Eastern Illinois University General Education Requirements
  1. Transfer after completing Moraine Valley Community College�s Associate of Arts (A.A.) or
    Associate of Science (A.S.) degree (note: the A.F.A. and A.A.S. do not meet this requirement).
    Students desiring to meet general education requirements through satisfactory completion of a
    Moraine Valley AA or AS degree should see the Moraine Valley Educational Planning Guide for
    Transfer Students.

  2. Transfer after completing IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC). Students desiring to
    meet general education requirements through satisfactory completion of the Illinois Articulation
    Initiative (IAI) should see the Moraine Valley Educational Planning Guide for Transfer Students.

  3. Complete EIU General Education requirements with a grade of �C� or better in COM-101, COM-102
    and COM-103. For students not planning to complete the IAI general education core requirements
    or an AA/AS degree, but want to meet the EIU core requirements, a list of equivalent classes that
    can be transferred to EIU to meet these requirements is available at
    www.eiu.edu/~transfer/coop_coursesub.php. Students transferring without an AA/AS degree
    should try to complete as many of the General Education Core Curriculum as possible at MVCC.

IAI Acceptance

Transfer students who complete the 37 - 41 semester hour package of the Illinois Articulation Initiative
from any participating College or University in Illinois will be guaranteed the following:

  • All lower division EIU Graduation requirements are automatically waived.

  • The Cultural Diversity Requirement will be met.

IAI Implementation
  • EIU began accepting the IAI in Summer 1998 retroactively.

  • If completion of the IAI is not noted on the transcript, EIU Records will complete an IAI audit
    upon request.

  • The EIU Official Evaluation of Transfer Credit will note that the General Education Requirement
    is met if the IAI GECC is complete.

Transfer Grade/Course Evaluation

Eastern will accept: 

  • courses that are not considered remedial, developmental or orientational.

  • courses in which a grade of 'D' or higher has been earned as long as the cumulative GPA from
    the community college is 'C' or higher. This does not apply to COM-101, COM-102, or COM-103.
    (must be a "C" or higher).

  • Career or Vocational courses are accepted as elective credit; there is no limit to the number
    of hours transferred.

  • Credit for which a �D� was earned as long as the overall GPA from that institution was at least
    a �C� average.

Notable Eastern Illinois University Graduation Requirements
  • An undergraduate transfer student may choose to graduate under the requirements stated in
    the EIU catalog at the time he/she initially enrolled at another college provided that catalog
    did not precede his/her enrollment at EIU by more than three years. Students may also choose
    any subsequent catalog. In no case may a student combine or choose various requirements
    from several catalogs.

  • In addition to requirements noted above, baccalaureate degree students must complete the
    following requirements:

  • 3 Semester hours of a Senior Seminar
  • 12 semester hours at EIU in major
  • 40 semester hours upper division
  • 42 semester hours from EIU
  • 56 semester hours from a senior level institution
  • 120 semester hours and a Cumulative GPA must be 2.0 or higher. Majors may vary.
  • Foreign Language- Students may be exempt from this requirement based on foreign language taken while in high school or at their previous colleges. Exemptions:
    1. students who have completed 2 years in a single foreign language in high school with a "C" average
    2. students who have completed the second semester of a single foreign language in college with a passing grade
  • Writing Competency-Students are required to complete the Electronic Writing Portfolio.

This Transfer Guide provides information to help Moraine Valley Community College students begin planning for transfer to Eastern
Illinois University. This guide is not a contract or guarantee of transferability. Requirements at the four-year university are subject
to change. To ensure appropriate course completion, or for more information, students should consult with an academic advisor
from Moraine Valley and from Eastern Illinois University throughout their enrollment. (10/10-ca)