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Transferring to...

Governors State University 2012-2013
1 University Parkway
University Park, IL 60466
Telephone: (708) 534-4490
Contact: Jennifer Finn, (708) 534-7059

Know the Governors State University Facts
Annual tuition:

$6,720.00/yr $224.00/hour                        *(09-10 new enrollees)*
Total Enrollment: 7,725
Distance from Moraine in miles: 28 SE

Minimum GPA for admission: 2.0 Accepts the IAI General Ed. Core? 
Yes, see the section on IAI Acceptance below.
Online application:
Maximum hours accepted for transfer from community college: 75 (IDSS will accept up to 80 hours) Honors Program Available: Yes, see  online at http://www.govst.edu/cas/t_cas_pgm_honors.aspx?id=4286
Application fee: nonfefundable
Undergrad $25
Graduate $50
Doctoral $75
Junior status with an A.A. or A.S.?
Immunization required? No
Dual Admission agreement with Moraine? Yes Number of hours to be considered a transfer student: 60 Contact: Jennifer Finn
Telephone: (708) 534-7059
*Note: tuition is locked for 12 trimesters or four years at this rate
Governors State University Programs
Baccalaureate Degrees Offered
B.A.-Bachelor of Arts
B.F.A.-Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.H.A.-Bachelor of Health Administration

B.H.S.-Bachelor of Health Science 
B.S.-Bachelor of Science
B.S.W.-Bachelor of Social Work
For a complete listing of majors offered at GSU see page 3 of the 2009-11 Undergraduate Catalog or online at
Find Important Governors State University Information
Admissions Information:
Online Course Catalog:
Financial Aid Information:
International Student Information:
Transfer course equivalents: http://www.govst.edu/empoweryourself/t_recruitment.aspx?id=6702 Scholarship Information: http://www.govst.edu/scholarships
Application form available online at:
FAFSA on the web
To Request Information:
Learn about the Governors State University Schools
Governors State University Admission Information

Applicants must:

  1. Have completed an A.A. or A.S. degree or have completed 60 semester hours with a minimum cumulative grade point average of "C" (2.0).

  2. Be in good academic standing at last institution attended.

  3. Have satisfied any admission criteria specific to the major to which they apply.

All degree-seeking and undeclared undergraduate students admitted to Governors State University are required to participate in mandatory New Student Online Orientation before their first trimester of enrollment. Students will be unable to register for classes until participation has been confirmed.

To Submit an Application:

  1. To Submit an Application:
    Apply online at: www.govst.edu/apply
    or download an undergraduate application, complete it in pen, and mail to:
    Office of Admissions
    Governors State University
    1 University Parkway
    University Park, IL  60466 OR  fax it to 708.534.1640

  2. Complete the application in pen or type

Transfer Options

  1. Transfer after completing Moraine Valley Community College's Associate in Arts (A.A.) or 
    Associate in Science (A.S.) degree.

  2. Transfer after completing an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) or Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) or Associate in Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) PLUS additional general education courses.

  3. After completing a minimum of 60 hours

Note: Some majors at GSU are limited in admission and require higher GPA's than those listed above. Please refer to the special admissions website www.govst.edu/admissions or contact Bill Craig at 708-534-4490 if you have any questions.

* GPA's are subject to change based upon available resources and space limitations.

Dual Admission to MVCC and GSU
Moraine Valley students planning to transfer to GSU are encouraged to take advantage of the Dual Admissions Program offered by GSU and Moraine Valley. Participating in this program will allow you to receive academic advising and transfer planning assistance from both a Moraine Valley advisor and a GSU advisor throughout your enrollment at Moraine Valley. In addition, the designated GSU advisor, or a representative from financial aid, will facilitate early financial aid planning, including consideration for scholarship opportunities for which the student may apply and be eligible. You should be able to complete the baccalaureate degree within the minimum number of terms required for the chosen major, providing the prescribed program has been followed.

GSU advisors schedule appointments to meet with Moraine Valley students who are participating in the Dual Admissions Program on the Moraine Valley campus throughout the academic year. If you would like to make an appointment to meet with a GSU advisor, please contact the Moraine Valley Academic Advising Center, College Center, Second Floor, (708) 974-5721.

It's easy to participate once you are admitted to Moraine Valley:

  1. Submit a dual enrollment intent form (NCR), along with any additional required documents to GSU. After review of the intent form and required academic credentials, you will be notified of dual admissions decisions GSU. The Intent forms are available in the Moraine Valley Academic Advising Center.

  2. Mail both the GSU application and the NCR to: Office of Admissions, Governors State University, 1 University Parkway, University Park, Illinois 60466. If possible, mail them both together. If you have already submitted your GSU application, you can mail the Intent form separately.

For more information, contact the Moraine Valley Academic Advising Center or the GSU Office of Admissions.

Standard Transfer Options to meet Governors State University General Education Requirements
  • Transfer after completing Moraine Valley Community College's Associate in Arts (A.A.), Associate in Science (A.S.), or Associate of Arts in Teaching in Secondary Math (A.A.T.) degree (note: the A.F.A., A.A.S., and A.A.T. in Secondary Science do not meet this requirement). Students desiring to meet general education requirements through satisfactory completion of a Moraine Valley A.A. or AS degree should see the MVCC Educational Planning Guide for Transfer Students.

  • Transfer after completing IAI General Education Core Curriculum (GECC). Students desiring to meet general education requirements through satisfactory completion of the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) should see the MVCC Educational Planning Guide for Transfer Students.

  • Complete GSU General Education requirements with a grade of "C" or better in each course. For students not planning to complete the IAI general education core requirements or an A.A./A.S. degree, but want to meet the GSU core requirements, a list of equivalent classes that can be transferred to GSU to meet these requirements is available below. Students transferring without an A.A./A.S. degree should try to complete as many of GSU's general education requirements as possible at Moraine Valley.

  • Complete an approved undergraduate teacher education program at Governors State University.

IAI Acceptance
  • Degree seeking transfer students and students re-entering GSU with an A.A./A.S. degree from Moraine Valley, will be considered to have completed GSU's general education requirement.

  • Degree-seeking students who enter GSU as first-time students with the IAI GECC completed will also be considered to have completed GSU's general education requirements.

Transfer Grade/Course Evaluation
A, B, C Accepted and computed in GPA - must earn "C" in COM-101 and COM-102
D May accept hours of "D" if the cumulative GPA for transfer credit is at least 2.0/4.0 or if the credit was accepted for the A.A./A.S. degree.
P Accepted

Some individual degree programs have limited the time period within which transfer courses credit must have been earned in order to be applied toward degree requirements.

Notable Governors State University Graduation Requirements
  • 120 semester hours are required for graduation for most programs. A minimum of 45 semester hours must be in upper-division courses. At least 24 semester hours of credit must be from course work offered by GSU.

  • No more than 12 credit hours may be earned in the pass/no credit grading option.

  • No more than 9 credit hours may be earned in independent studies.

  • No more than 12 credit hours may be taken as an undeclared student.


This Transfer Guide provides information to help Moraine Valley Community College students begin planning for transfer to Governors State University. This guide is not a contract or guarantee of transferability. Requirements at the four-year university are subject to change. To ensure appropriate course completion, or for more information, students should consult with an academic advisor from Moraine Valley and from Governors State University throughout their enrollment.