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Adult Basic Education Transition
to College

Frequently asked questions

Can I take college courses without my GED?
College credit courses that do not require placement testing are available to students. If you are in an ABE class, we do not recommend taking college courses until you move into GED. College courses are challenging and reading intensive. College level reading skills will be required in order to be successful. Until students have a GED or place at college-level on the COMPASS (college placement) tests, they are not eligible for financial aid. These are things to consider before signing up for college courses.

What scholarships are available for GED students?
The GED program offers two competitive scholarships for students:

GED Award — offered to top 25 in-district students per year who earn scores of higher than 2500 on the GED test. This award gives recipients one free class at Moraine Valley Community College.

GED Scholarship— offered to top 10 students per year who earn higher than 3000 on the GED test. This scholarship offers up to 75 credit hours at Moraine Valley for in-district students who attend consecutive semesters and maintain a "B" average.

Scholarships are competitive, so do your best!