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Fast Track Degree Program

Earn your degree in less than two years


Q. What is Moraine Valley’s “Fast Track” program?
A. Fast Track courses and degree programs offer more flexible options for students balancing school, work and family. The program is designed so you can attend classes only in the evening and earn your degree at a fast pace.

Q. What is the schedule for Fast Track classes?
A. Most Fast Track courses are offered in five-week sessions with three sessions offered during each traditional fall and spring semester. These courses are taught in the evening to meet the needs of the returning adult learner. (Because of subject matter, a limited number of courses do meet for 10 weeks, during two of the five-week sessions.)

Q. What degrees are offered through the Fast Track program?
A. Through the Fast Track program you can earn:

  • Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration
  • Associate in Applied Science degree in Marketing and Management
  • Associate in Science degree with a major in Business
  • Associate in Arts degree with majors in History, Mass Communication, Psychology, Sociology, or Speech Communication

Q. When can I enroll in the Fast Track program?
A. Students may enroll at almost any time during the year, never having to wait longer than five weeks for a course to start. If students need to “stop out” for personal or work-related reasons, an entire semester is not lost.

Q. What are the advantages to Fast Track classes?
A. The five-week classes immerse students in the subject matter for concentrated learning. The structure of the scheduling often leads to natural student cohorts that serve as support networks both in and out of the classroom. Students and instructors certainly get to know each other better, enhancing the learning experience.

Q. Where do I get more information?
A. Contact Academic Advising at (708) 974-5721 or

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