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In the Spotlight

Women in Technology
Big Sister Peer Mentoring Program

One of the National Science Foundation objectives is to implement strategies to increase female enrollment and retention in the CAD programs. To address this objective, we initiated a mentoring program to attain the following goals:

Develop a supportive environment for current female students by assigning them fellow students, faculty members, and CAD industry professionals as mentors.
Provide guidance to students through the mentors who serve as academic and professional role models.
Provide career networking opportunities.

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Engineering Technology Articulation Programs

Articulation Programs are available for students completing the Associate's in Applied Science degree in Mechanical Design and Drafting/CAD. Each articulation program culminates in a 4-year Bachelors degree. Find out more about the Articulation Programs.

We Are An AIA Provider

We provide continuing education for architects by serving as an American Institute of Architects (AIA) provider.
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