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Ask a Career Counselor

Do you have a brief question that is career specific? First, check out our Career Planning links. If you have additional questions after reviewing these links, please proceed with Ask a Career Counselor.

Questions may include topics related to:

  • Undecided about a major
  • Career options for the major you are considering
  • Information regarding potential careers (responsibilities, tasks, education prep, salary, employment outlook)

If your question(s) require more involved communications or are related to personal concerns, we ask that you schedule an appointment with a counselor to meet in person. Call the Counseling and Career Development Center at (708) 974-5722 to set up your appointment.

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We will make every attempt to answer your questions within 48-72 hours; however because of the volume of questions we receive, we may need additional response time. Weekends will involve longer response times.

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