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Nurses Call the Shots!

Our Nursing Program prepares you for a great career.

“I always wanted to study nursing, and I should’ve done it earlier. But it’s never too late. I have no regrets. I’m really enjoying it and I’m making new friends. I love coming here.”

Tony Medina
Nursing Major, Father of four

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Fill Your Child’s Summer with Fun
and Learning

Bring your children to our Valley Learning Center, where they can learn a new language, explore science and technology, create art, make music, and so much more! New this summer—full-day and half-day academic camps that focus on reading, math, writing, science, the arts, and history.

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Prepare for a Career in Criminal Justice

The demand is high for skilled personnel in the criminal justice system—whether it’s in the court room, law enforcement or corrections. Moraine Valley offers you an opportunity to earn a Criminal Justice A.A.S. degree online!

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A Magical Experience

Think you might enjoy working at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Blizzard Beach, or other Disney destinations? How fun to see Mickey Mouse, Belle or Simba every day at work. Through the Disney College Program with Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Moraine Valley is offering some pretty cool opportunities to do just that.

And remember—dreams really do come true.

“You will make some of your best memories making magic for guests and become part of the magic of Disney. It is the experience of a lifetime, and it will be what you make it-so make it magical!”

Barbara Darden
Resort Concierge Intern, Walt Disneyworld

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Moraine Valley Fire Academy

  • Comprehensive classroom learning
  • Hands-on rigorous training
  • Internship at a local firehouse

“The initial training at a fire academy is invaluable. That’s your foundation. Everything else is built upon that initial training. So a good fire academy is essential to the development of a firefighter. The fire academy at Moraine Valley provides an educational opportunity for the students, provides a resource for the fire departments, and ultimately benefits the communities involved.”

Paul Mackin
Battalion Chief, North Palos Fire Protection District

Andy Hufnagl
Program Coordinator
(708) 608-4404

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Pursue Your Passion

Noncredit Classes
Feed your passion, build your skills, find an interest!

  • Start a new business or build up a current company
  • Spruce up the landscaping
  • Earn professional continuing education credits
  • Design custom jewelry
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Speak a new language
  • Prepare for industry exams
  • Explore investment options
  • And more!

Corporate, Community and Continuing Education
(708) 974-5390

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Look what a degree in
Recreation Therapy can do for you

Jobs are available at

  • nursing homes, rehabilitation and acute-care hospitals, senior centers, mental health facilities
  • camps, outdoor recreation programs
  • correctional facilities, adult daycare centers, residential homes for people with special needs
  • and more

The demand is high for skilled personnel—so get started in classes today!

Donna McCauley
Coordinator, Recreation Therapy and Recreation Management Programs
(708) 974-5227

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Agree to Degree

You earn more money. According to the College Board, college graduates earn 65 percent more than high school graduates.

You’ll be more marketable. An associate’s degree increases the likelihood of finding a job—especially in a poor economy.

If you’ve got a job, your degree may help you retain it. In fact, unemployment for community college grads is typically 30 percent lower than for high school grads.

If you plan to go on for a bachelor’s degree, you’re a stronger candidate. Many four-year colleges or universities prefer to accept someone with an associate’s degree because it shows that the student can follow through on something he or she started.

You’ll hold a recognized higher education degree. The pride you’ll experience upon accomplishing this goal will be priceless.

You might even live longer! Research has linked more education to a longer life because people with higher education typically have higher incomes, they’re more likely to have health insurance, and they live in neighborhoods with better access to recreational facilities.

At Moraine Valley, we care about your current and future success, so we’re encouraging all of our students to complete their associate’s degree to gain these valuable benefits. Our college completion initiative—Agree to Degree—asks students to sign a pledge that they will do whatever it takes to successfully complete their educational program, and we pledge to support you every step of the way.

So, go ahead. Get started on completing your degree now!

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