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Exercise Facilities

Whether you want to build strength, increase flexibility or improve cardiorespiratory function, we have the equipment to help you accomplish your personal fitness goal. Take a look at the different types of equipment we have to meet your specific needs.

Our wide array of treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, recumbent and upright bicycles, ski machine, and step mill will help you improve your cardiorespiratory system. Our popular treadmills run on a reservation system.

Strength Training
We have more than 30 weight training machines to work your upper, core, and lower body areas. We feature the finest equipment such as Paramount, CamStar, Universal, Cybex and Precor Functional Training.

Free Weights
You'll find squat racks; incline, decline and flat bench presses; a Smith machine; a leg-slide press; barbells; and dumbbells ranging from one to 100 pounds in our free-weight training area.

Flexibility and Core Training Area
Increase your flexibility and work your abdomen, back, legs and hips with medicine balls, stability balls, BOSU balls, or exercise bands and tubes in our large mat area.

Expresso Corner
Need a quieter place for a quick workout? You'll find stability balls, BOSU balls, foam rollers, dumbbells, bands and tubes, steps, and mats in this cozy area. Members use this area during our Expresso Programming.

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