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JRC Employer Services

The Job Resource Center at Moraine Valley Community College provides the opportunity to utilize several avenues in your search for qualified employees. Connect with a diverse student, alumni and community population.

Participate in Career Events
Our office hosts various career-related events, including Job and Internship Fairs, Mock Interview Days, panel discussions and special class presentations. Our Job and Internship fairs offer a fast, effective way to connect with hundreds of prepared job seekers and fulfill your hiring needs. The fairs are open to students, alumni and community members and in the fall and spring.

List a Position
Powered by College Central Network, this Internet-based job listing service allows you to directly post your job openings to Moraine Valley Community College and 12 area community colleges. You must register to obtain a password. Commission-only and undisclosed third-party recruiter positions will not be posted. Learn more in the CCN Employer Registration Guide.

Build an Internship
Students can contribute positively to your workplace while acquiring on-the-job experience. Contact Marie Harrell, Internship manager, at (708) 974-5737.

Recruit on Campus
Reserve space in select, high-traffic locations on campus to discuss job opportunities with students. Tables are scheduled typically two weeks in advance to ensure maximum publicity for your visit. Please fill out a date request online.

Non-Traditional Careers Program
This program creates exposure and provides information about non-traditional careers, such as women in welding and men in nursing. Resources include a panel discussion, workshops, literature and website.

Career Mentor Program
Provide valuable insight into your professional experiences and career development by becoming a mentor for Moraine Valley students. Contact Tamima Farooqui at (708) 974-5313 or

Arrange a Day in the Field
A Day in the Field site visit provides students an excellent opportunity for career and industry exploration. Students may visit your organization to learn about the industry and take tours of your facility. Contact us today to learn more on how you can contribute to students' career development.

Guest Speakers
Co-facilitate career workshops and class presentations with a Job Resource Center representative.

Our social media sites and newsletters provide valuable information to employers. Stay in the know— add your business to our mailing list, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
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Disclaimer: The MVCC Job Resource Center reserves the right to refuse to post or to remove a job posting that contains misrepresented information or information deemed inappropriate to potential job seekers. Please no commission-only positions or undisclosed third-party recruiting.