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Cecilia Torres
Student Employee
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Student Employment
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Student Employees (Budgeted and Work-Study)

Job postings and applications are online!

Students must be enrolled at least halftime to be eligible for student employment. Budgeted student employees must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for the fall and spring semesters and 3 credit hours for the summer semester. Work-study student employees must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Student employees earn $8.25 per hour.

Budgeted Student Employee General Information

Work-Study Student Employee General Information

  • Go to the Financial Aid Office (S107) to determine if you are eligible for federal work study.
  • If accepted, bring your Work Study Placement Award to the Job Resource Center (S202).
  • You must register with College Central Network as a student. Please see the following instructions for complete details.
  • For step-by-step directions, please read the Student Employment Application Information Sheet. You must complete the Student Employment Application. Save the completed application to your computer. If you are using a public computer, save the completed application to a flash drive. Complete the Student Employment Application.
  • To continue the application process, log into your College Central Network account and upload your completed application into the system. For step-by-step directions, read the Student Employment Application Information Sheet.
  • If called for an interview, you must bring your Federal Work Study Placement Award and a copy of your academic schedule.

Please note, work-study student employees only can work during the duration of their classes. Work-study student employees also are eligible to apply for budgeted student employment positions.

America Reads

Tutors assist grade school students with reading at local schools. Please see Web page for details and additional requirements.

Additional Student Employment Information

Student Employment Orientation
All first-time (Budgeted and Work-Study) student employees MUST attend a mandatory student employee orientation upon hire. You may pre-register in the Job Resource Center, S202, by calling (708) 974-5737 or online through College Central Network's Upcoming Events and Programs.

Student Employment Program Grievance Procedures
This grievance procedure outlines the formal policy and process for resolving disagreements with student employees and student employment supervisors in order to provide all members of the college with a positive and supportive work environment. The underlying intent of the policy is to encourage the resolution of any grievance at the lowest possible level of intervention. For more information, please click below or call us at (708) 974-5737.

Student Employment Program Grievance Procedure Overview
Student Employee – Grievance Procedures
Student Employment Program Grievance Form

College Policies

Student employees are expected to abide by all college policies. These policies are approved and endorsed by the college and Board of Trustees and dictated by federal and state mandates.

Americans with Disabilities Act
Canvassing & Solicitation
Clean Air Policy
Drug Free Schools Annual Notice Health Risks
Drug Free Workplace
Employee Code of Ethics
Equal Opportunity Employment
Ethical Purchasing Practice
Firearm Concealed Carry Act
Harassment Prohibition
Internet-Email Guidelines
Policy on Information Security
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Procedure

Student Employee IDs

All student employees should wear their student employment badge during each shift. Student employees receive an ID badge holder at the end of attending a student employment orientation session. If a student employee has attended an orientation and needs an ID badge holder, please come to the Job Resource Center, Building S, Room S202, to pick up one.

Tips for a Successful Student Employment Interview
Student Employment Handbook