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Sleep Technology
Associate in Applied Science

Curriculum code

Admission Requirements
The Sleep Technology Associate in Applied Science program has special admission requirements and limited enrollment. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all admission requirements are met, and all documents and scores are submitted on time. Only complete application files will be reviewed for admission. 

Documents to be Submitted for a Complete File:

  • Moraine Valley application for admission if not currently enrolled in college credit courses at Moraine Valley.

  • A completed Sleep Technology Admission Application. Applications are available in and must be returned to the Admissions and Records Office. Application deadline is June 1.

  • A completed high school transcript showing date of graduation or a GED certificate.

  • Official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended.

Minimum Academic Requirements

  • One year of high school biology with lab, or one semester of college biology with lab, with a grade of "C" or better.

  • One year of high school algebra, Moraine Valley course MTH-095 or above, or an equivalent course at another college, with a grade of "C" or above.

  • A minimum grade point average of 2.5 based on a four-point system. The high school GPA will be used only if students have attempted less than 12 college hours. A GPA of 2.5 will be assigned if the student took the GED rather than graduate from high school.

  • Moraine Valley placement tests. Students may be exempt from placement tests based on previous college credit. Contact an academic advisor for information about placement test exemptions.

    1. Math placement test score or exemption must qualify applicant to take MTH-109.

    2. English placement test score or exemption must qualify applicant to take COM-101.

    3. Reading placement test score or exemption must qualify applicant for courses above RDG-091.

Health Physical
Prior to clinical placement, admitted students must submit a completed health history and physical form signed by a physician and evidence of personal health insurance.

Selection Criteria
Applicants for the program will be considered in the following order:

  1. Qualified residents of the district and residents of districts engaged in cooperative agreements who submit a Sleep application by June 1 of the year they plan to enroll in the program. The applicant's file must be completed by June 15.

  2. Qualified nonresidents who submit an application by June 1. The application must be completed by June 15.

  3. On a space available basis, applicants who do not meet all of the admissions requirements or the deadline may be considered after June 15.

Point System
Students will be admitted to the Sleep Technologist Program through a weighted score made up of three factors: cumulative high school or college GPA; number of college credit hours completed; and grades and credit hours in specified course work.

Points for various criteria will be given according to the chart below. Students will also be required to meet the current minimum standards for admission.

Students will be required to list, on the Sleep Admission Application, all colleges attended. Students will select one of the following options on the intent form for calculating their college GPA for admission.

  1. Students may use only their Moraine Valley hours as the college GPA for admission. If students choose this option, they cannot use their other college credit toward the certificate requirements or for points towards admission.

  2. Students may use their college credit toward the certificate requirements and points towards admission. When the GPA is calculated all college credit will be used. These hours may then be used as regular transfer credit.

Ties will be broken based on grade point average. Current minimum prerequisites and file completion requirements would still be in effect.

Weighted Factors
Factor Max. Points
GPA 15
College Hours 10
Success Courses 24
Total 49
GPA Points
2.5-2.75 5
2.751-3.0 7
3.01-3.25 9
3.251-3.5 11
3.51-3.75 13
3.751-4.0 15

Number of College Hours

1-15 2
16-29 4
30-45 6
46-60 8
60+ 10

Success Courses (The BIO and MRT-110 must have been completed no longer than 5 years prior to the program admission deadline.)

  • Choose 1: BIO-115
                   or  BIO-180 (and BIO-181) Five credits will be used from BIO-180 AND 181; four credits from BIO-180 and 1 from BIO-181.

  • Choose:  MRT-110

Success Course Weighting
A = 3 points X Credit hours
B = 2 points X Credit hours
C = 1 points X Credit hours
All other grades = No points


  • Student has BIO-115 with an A 3 points X 5 credit hours = 15 points

  • Student has MRT-110 with a B 2 points X 3 credit hours = 6 points

  • Total points for success courses = 15 for BIO-115 + 6 for MRT-110 = 21 Pts

Applicants not selected for one starting class are individually responsible for reactivating and updating their application file for subsequent starting classes. Re-applicants must complete a new Sleep Technology Admission Application and submit it to the Admissions and Records Office during the applicable period stated.

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