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What is Multicultural Student Affairs?

The office has detailed information about courses that parallel general graduation requirements and specific major courses at four-year colleges and universities. You can be assured that your courses will transfer and satisfy your first year of study toward a bachelor's degree.

If you're not sure that you want to transfer after graduating from Moraine Valley, or you've never pictured yourself earning a bachelor's degree, Multicultural Student Affairs can help you explore options and develop a plan to reach your full potential.

The following sites may be helpful in your search for a four-year institution: (matching personal needs and interests with specific institutions, virtual campus visits)

Our staff is available for day or evening appointments. Make an appointment by calling us at (708) 974-5475.

Multicultural Student Affairs is a vital support system for African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, and other minority students. A full range of services are available to help you succeed in the college environment—while you are here and after you graduate.