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Services and Programs

WIA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

Through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program, our office provides workforce development services to unemployed low-income adults and dislocated workers.

WIA is a federally funded grant program that assists unemployed individuals in entering or returning to the workforce. To qualify, an applicant must meet eligibility and suitability criteria. It should be noted that WIA is not considered an entitlement.

There are two types of adult WIA services: adult and dislocated worker. Eligibility criteria differ, and an applicant need only meet one type of eligibility. In addition, applicants must be determined suitable for enrollment based on a thorough review during the intake process. Grant participants receive individualized case management, assessment, career planning, occupational training, and job search and placement assistance.

Support Services for the Unemployed


Training Services

Vocational training programs are available after formal program enrollment and completion of an individual employment plan (IEP). While there is a wide range of training programs offered through the WIA grant, not every training program at Moraine Valley.

Training funds cover tuition, books, and fees, and is paid for through a WIA voucher. The amount of training funds is dependent on the wage levels of the occupation you are training for. Voucher amounts vary, are non-transferrable, and limited to $8,000, depending on the total training cost.

WIA Approved Training Programs at Moraine Valley